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If you go to Disney during the time that most children are in school, do you think that having a fast pass is something you need? I know that it can get super busy at Disney, but I don't mind waiting for a ride that long. I just don't know if I should get a fast pass. And if they are worth it for the money. 

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We used fast pass last time.  People think it costs more. It is FREE.  And it is well worth it. You can use the Disney app to do it, or go to kiosk there. The lines are short at kiosk and you save a TON of time at attractions.

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Oh wow, that's so helpful to know that! I always thought that you had to pay more to use them. Thanks for telling me!

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Yes you should totally get a fast pass if you go. They are so much better than waiting in line for the ride that you want to go on. 

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She is right, and we use it all the time.

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