This is not a question. This is fact. There are 3 ways to get better than advertised rates on hotels anywhere. Not just Florida. 

  1. Priceline has Express Deals. This is last minute inventory that hotels want to move out. You can pick the city, star rating. The hotel is hidden til you buy it. But the deals are real.
  2. VIP Membership. This is our own program to get more than hotels cheaper. However if you want to save money on hotels, you will see that there are plenty cheaper, when you compare same hotel to Expedia, Hotels.com, Orbitz.  You also save on attractions like Disney and much more.
  3. Westgate Timeshare. Sit for a hour presentation and  get a great deal. And a free breakfast.  

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Thanks for that I am looking at a timehare.  Will let you  know

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Forget that....   try the VIP.... you will save all the time

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