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I'm so happy to join the VIP, I love the savings I see.

I really like Florida.com!!!!!

Update.... I want to share with you all some of the  goodies there. There are 2 disclosures. 

  1. I am a bit adventurous and it seemed like a really good deal so I got it.
  2. When Florida.com saw my post, they asked if I would tell people more, honestly. They gave me another VIP to give to a friend. So here it is...

I like to do fun things, maybe not as much as when I was younger, but I still  like to save money doing it.  Right?

What actually caught my eye was the discount movie tickets b/c movies I luv, but they are getting pretty high. So just for that I thought it was a deal.

However looking around in the VIP section there is a ton of stuff and not only Florida that I KNOW I can save on.  I don't want to repeat all the stuff in the video but it is all there, in real savings.
OMG when I think about it now, I would have been craaazy if after watching the video not to get it.  

I hope you find this helpful and you can ask me anything


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So true! I'm thinking about getting VIP because the deals that are on here seem like they are pretty awesome!

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Well the reason I got mine was that they had the 24 hr dealy. So I got a REALLY good deal. :)

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