I must say I am rather impressed thus far with the VIP membership. I had my hesitations at first because I usually find really great deals on Orbitz, but I am so relieved that we got it. We recently planned a Disney vacation road trip. We priced out different options online, but with the VIP I was able to find a great deal on our hotels (nice ones really close to Disney), the car rental (nice van for all of us to fit comfortably) and even a little money on the Disney tickets. I basically paid of the cost of the VIP membership in savings in this one trip alone and still ended up winning. The same trip on Orbitz was costing me $235 more. Looking forward to using it again on our next trip.

Here is my breakdown:

Car Rental - 5 days minivan
VIP: $271.12 with Tax
Orbitz: $308.67 with Tax

Hotels – Westgate Lakes Resort (near Disney) – 3 nights
VIP: $259.86 with Tax
Orbitz: $487.75 with Tax

Walt Disney World 4 day pass tickets – FL resident 2 adults 2 kids
Disney Website: $808.00/$860.54 with Tax
VIP Website: $792.00/$857.48 with Tax

Total comparison savings with Taxes and Fees for Hotel, Ticket, and Car Rental:
Orbitz & Disney Site: $1656.96 with Taxes and Fees
VIP: $1421.00 with Taxes and Fees

I SAVED: $235.96 vs Orbitz. If you subtract cost of VIP membership $22 then technically I saved: $213.96 – but I can use the VIP for life now according to the terms!

Disclosure: gave me a VIP for an unbiased review. Hopefully the review/pics will help you out.

Here is a screenshot of my findings:

VIP Site Hotel and Disney Tickets:

VIP Site Car Rental:

Orbitz Hotel:

Orbitz Car:

Walt Disney Site - Walt Disney World Tickets:

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Good post Joey.  Glad you are happy.  Enjoy your trip!!

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