2 Junior Golfers Will Change The Way You Look At Life


In my quest to find some of the best golf courses in Northeast Florida I have had the good fortune to meet outstanding local, professional, amateur and junior golfers. I follow golfers of all ages and skill levels. My business, Tech From Vets, sponsors a young golfer named Dominic Clayton, a 10-year-old promising junior golfer that resides in Jacksonville Florida. While attending one of Dominic’s PGA Jr League golf tournaments, I noticed Dominic’s comradery with fellow junior golfer and teammate, Brandon Fowler. These young golfers have learned to communicate, compromise and strategize without ego or personal feelings getting in the way of winning the hole. And winning is exactly what Brandon and Dominic love to do.


These two boys play on a PGA Jr League team coached by John Handley, representing Hidden Hills Country Club, a beautiful semi-private golf course located in east Arlington.


” Today was a spectacular day as we held our winning streak with a score of, Hidden Hills 9.5 to Amelia National 2.5. Our kids play with outstanding sportsmanship and great character. It’s an honor and privilege to coach such wonderful kids”, said Coach John Handley of Hidden Hills Country Club.


Both boys have won numerous awards with many different tournaments and organizations.


“Being a part of the PGA Jr League has been a wonderful experience. It has taught the kids how to be competitive but positive. Coach John Handley has done a great job with all the kids. I am very proud of our team. They are very kind, helpful and respectful to others and it makes me very proud”, said Luann Brown, grandmother of Dominic Clayton and owner of The Notary Valet. A mobile Notary Service in Jacksonville, Florida.


Brandon Fowler is 11 years old and attends Ocean Way Middle School. Dominic Clayton is 10 years old and attends J Allen Axon Montessori school. Both boys are A – B Honor roll students and members of The First Tee of North Florida. The First Tee teaches the Core Values of Life through the game of golf. It is evident that they have paid attention in class, given their respectful behavior they show on the course. At such a young age, they have achieved the knowledge of what it takes to be a winner on and off the course.


We will be following these young golfers, watching and learning as they proceed to the semifinals at the end of November. As this article was being written the team scored another win. This time against Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. They now hold a score of 4 -0, with Dominic and Brandon still holding their perfect 3 flag win. 

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  1. Wonderful article. I am so proud of my grandsons PGA Junior League team. Half of them are North Florida First Tee students. I recommend both organizations highly for any Junior golfer

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