A Robust Dedupe Software

A  Robust Dedupe Software

Or  how to save  time  and do a better job.

Dedupe Software

This is another series telling you guys what works. The hardest part of being in business besides making money is knowing whom to trust.  Everyone wants to sell you something whether it’s good or bad. They also want to make a living.

I remember the early days of the Internet when people wanted to throw money at us to advertise.  In order to make a return on investment worth it, I felt obligated to deliver more than they expected. It wasn’t good enough to take their money and give them an average click through rate on a banner,  but we exceeded  their expectations.  We gave them more than they contracted for.

Here is a product that I think you’ll like  if you deal with data  in any of your dealings.

You know how hard it is to clean it.  Removing the duplicates saves money. You can send it out, hire people to write scripts or waste your own time trying to do it  yourself or  try this approach.

This nifty piece of software, which you can try for free  and get a discount that we have worked out for you, will save you time and money!

Not only will you be amazed of the speed on Windows, but the accuracy is amazing. You can drill down to tighten or loosen  the parameters.  The software is very user-friendly and is loaded with features. Before buying it you can actually test it out on your own PC. There is a seven day free trial to use it fully. They have a few different versions which will handle up to unlimited  data.

The owner of the company Thomas Hainke keeps the software updated adding usage for IBM DB2 databases, besides the MS Access, latest and older Excel spread sheets, Oracle, Mysql, MS-Sql and more. Last update for the product was January of 2016.

The following is their  spec sheet telling about them.

 Read it and head over to their site and try it. You will love it.


DataQualityApps Straights Marketing

DataQualityApps announces the release of DataQualityTools, a software solution to help direct marketers reduce the costs of their marketing campaigns by removing duplicate contacts to avoid multiple solicitations. DataQualityTools can process entries containing mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and tax numbers.

About DataQualityTools

DataQualityTools provides error-tolerant matching and removal of duplicate records containing contact information of advertising recipients. Sophisticated address matching algorithms use fuzzy logic and allow for the highest quality matching of postal addresses entered in various formats, including variations such as street designations, abbreviations, and the use of unit/apartment numbers before or after street numbers. The address matching algorithms take into consideration common typos, inverted words, and various additions such as prefixes and suffixes. Along with mailing addresses, DataQualityTools takes care of duplicate email addresses, phone numbers and tax numbers.

Using DataQualityTools helps direct marketers do a better job complying with recipients’ opt-out requests, reduces acquisition and management costs of direct marketing contact lists, and ensures that no single recipient is ever contacted more than once within a single marketing campaign. DataQualityTools makes it easy to create and maintain ‘black lists’ of opted-out recipients by checking each subsequently acquired contact against the list.

DataQualityTools saves advertisement costs, improves customer relations, and makes it easier to direct marketers to comply with local regulations regarding the handling of opted-out recipients. The tool helps reduce costs for the redundant maintenance of customer contact records, and effectively eliminates double solicitations.

DataQualityTools provides fast, reliable results, is affordable and can be used by anyone with or without IT experience.

About DataQualityApps

Founded in 1995, DataQualityApps provides data mining and database optimization tools to business customers worldwide. Products by DataQualityApps help businesses improve the quality of their databases and remove redundant and duplicate information.

Free evaluation version of DataQualityTools is available at http://www.dataqualityapps.com/

When you are ready to buy use this code DC7549315 and save $25.00.

Courtesy of your friends at Florida.com.

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