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TAX!  Choose the right Certified Public Accountant 

Simplify the process of reporting to the IRS.


We don’t take the decision lightly when we entrust our tax and financial information with anyone…and neither should we!  As we all know, taxes are complicated and tax filing can be a stressful situation.


Therefore, We need to ensure the integrity and honesty of anyone we give this task to.


None of us enjoy ‘tax time’.

It’s important we have the right advise and make the process of reporting our financial information as smooth and as unpleasant an ordeal as possible.


Consider the following questions and it will make the task of choosing the right CPA for you or your business tax reporting much easier.


1. How much experience does the company or individual have in accounting and tax preparation?

An individual or firm that has been in the industry for a long time will have much more knowledge of tax codes and the intricacies of tax law than a newcomer with little depth of experience.


2. What credentials do they hold and how long have they held them?

It is of paramount importance that you choose a CPA who holds a valid CPA license to conduct business in the State of Florida AND the longer this has been held in good standing, the better.


3. Does the firm or individual provide a personal service?*

The smaller the firm, the more likelihood of you achieving one-on-one time about your specific requirements.

*This is very important as We all have unique situations when in comes to our financial objectives and goals, furthermore a personal service will give us piece of mind that our business is cared for.


4. Is the CPA an active member of relevant associations and institutions?

This shows a high level of professionalism and, in addition, membership to many organizations in the accounting field require a stringent commitment to professional codes of ethics.

Todd Pinchevsky, CPA of Boynton Beach, Florida
answers all these questions positively.

Pinchevsky has been a licensed CPA since 1992 and has been at his current location – 2240 Woolbright Road, Boynton Beach since 2009.

Along with his team, they are committed to achieving the maximum tax savings for each and every one of their clients.

They take great pride in giving you a highly personalized and excellent service – in all aspects of taxation, accounting and estate needs.

Not only will he and his team learn your business or personal financial requirements inside and out, his dedication to keeping abreast of the changing tax laws ensures YOU will achieve the best possible service and the optimum return.

One of his current clients has recently noted:


“I have had good and bad Tax Preparers.

I highly recommend Todd Pinchevsky as a CPA”.


You can e-mail Todd Pinchevsky today and receive a free initial consultation on any and all of your taxation questions.


The firms areas of expertise cover the following but are definitely not limited to:




Pinchevsky is an active member of the American Institute and the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants; a proud member of the National Society of Tax Professionals and the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce.


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