Miami America’s Rudest City

Miami is America’s Rudest City

Miami Beach, Florida. Rude? I say, Not!

According to Travel and Leisure Miami now ranks number 1 as the rudest city in the USA. Last year it was a runner up.   They say it is hard to imagine it is so bad with the weather and beaches, which by the way Miami ranks as one of the best  beach getaways.

So what is the deal Miami? What is bugging you guys so much that people think you are not nice? Are you too sunburned, not tan enough or what? This writer has grown up in South Florida. From Miami Beach where I went to high school, to Surfside and Aventura to Boca Raton. There is almost no other place I would rather live.

Miami is a bustling place, multicultural with a plethora of things to do and see. Miami proper or Miami Beach or just South Florida, it is just not that bad.

The finest restaurants, night life, best choice of great hotels with people from all walks of life enjoying themselves.  Whether you live here or visit the experience is world renown for the good, and not rudeness.

I have seen rudeness

Anywhere we go we do experience….jerks. I have posted in our rant rave section, things that tick me off. Here is my short list of rudeness, but can you tell me if it is just here or have you seen this anywhere?

  • Driving and you put on your blinker to change lanes. The other driver does one of 2 things, speeds up or makes pretend he doesnt see you. Then if you try to squeeze you get a horn blast or a hand gesture.
  • The dish at the restaurant was just not that good. I tell the owner, and she says since I ate too much of it (in my face spraying me with saliva) says too bad. That place didn’t stay open long.
  • The service dog deal here. Anyone can bring a dog into almost any place in Florida, as long as they register it as a “service” dog. This includes little bitty animals that are really lap dogs, to bigger ones that I have seen laying in a main aisle in an Apple store, and people had to walk around.


However, I would venture to say people have seen this anywhere.

Miami is not so bad at all. It is actually pretty darn good! Come down and enjoy yourself! It will be awesome.

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