The Capstone Institute: Changing Lives In Jacksonville Through Education

There’s good news coming in this new year to anyone in the Jacksonville, Florida area that’s looking to better themselves and continue their education. Albert Chester, a former student at Episcopal School of Jacksonville and Florida A&M University, as well as the current manager and pharmacist at the Walgreens in Jacksonville’s north side, will soon be known as the founder of the first pharmacy tech school located in the heart of the Northside. The Capstone Institute is a movement in the right direction, in the eyes of many in the community. “I think The Capstone Institute is another ember on the fire of progress within the community. We must continually support such ventures so that the fire will grow stronger,” said LT. Colonel Rickey Pope (ret.) USA. Albert is quite excited about the anticipation surrounding the project, and he’s looking forward to providing opportunities for a community that is so close to his heart, and so unfortunately deprived of similar options. In his own words: “I don’t think I would want it anywhere else because of the need here.”

            So, what exactly will this pharmacy tech school offer the 30 new students that they’ll soon be accepting? The answer is simple. The students that choose to enroll in the brand-new Capstone Institute will be registered through the State of Florida, and eligible to take the state pharmacy certification test. If they keep up with all of the materials they’re given, the program should not only make them eligible for the test, but completely prepared for passing it, as well. Not only will they be studying from textbooks like the common college student, they will be receiving useful, hands-on training through the program too. The best part of this program, and probably the most promising as well, is not the materials or training that the students receive, but the fact that the students will have an opportunity to train through a complete, comprehensive program for less than $3,000, which is the cost of one semester through similar programs. The students can also rest easy knowing that they won’t have to wait a lifetime, or even years, to get out into the job force and start giving back to their community, as well as supporting themselves and their families. The entire program, up to the day they choose to take their certification test, is only 15 weeks.


The establishment of this new institute is a positive light in the Jacksonville community. Even the individuals who aren’t interested in attending the institute are excited about the new direction it will hopefully begin to lead the community in. “We are determined to help the determined succeed,” Chester stated. However, many members of the community are aware that The Capstone Institute will not only begin helping individuals succeed but the institute can also boost the local economy exponentially and provide a beacon of hope for those otherwise unsure about what they are going to do outside of their high school education.”The opportunity to change the community must come from within the community. The Capstone Institue is a life changing initiative,” said retired NFL star Drayton Florence.

 Generating healthcare industry job opportunities is one of the greatest steps a community can take towards improvement for current and future generations. Especially, considering the healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry in today’s economy. With just one visit to the Capstone Institute’s website, you’ll find their refreshing and uplifting mission statement: “Capstone Institute looks to develop ethical, accountable, and inquisitive members of the healthcare industry.  This institute hopes to create a student-centered environment catering to the academic and professional needs of its pupils.  We seek to inspire a more purpose driven life in our students.”. Albert Chester and his great team of supporters should be proud to know that they are achieving those goals, exactly.

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