Welcome to the New Florida.com

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Florida?


florida heat

If you live here the answer will be different than if you are visiting. However I think we can all agree on many common experiences and expectations. Nice weather, beaches, Disney, traffic, no income tax, bad drivers, great night life and on.


A brand new Florida web experience.

When recreating Florida.com our goal was to  design a site that would be useful for all people that love Florida! This was a challenge since while we all share many ideas about Florida, still locals and tourists want different things. As a visitor you want how to jam 2 weeks of  the best of Florida with the best deals. As a local you want to also want the best deals but what to do on a daily basis that is hot, sound off, and share experiences.

Florida.com is about you and for you.

The new Florida.com is about people helping people. Locals sharing experiences with each other and visitors gleaning from this expert advice.

The new Florida.com is about saving money. We will post deals. You can post deals. You can promote your business with coupons and ads.

The new Florida.com is about your opinions. Was this a good business to go to? Was the food good? Was the dentist reliable?

The new Florida.com is about finding out what you don’t know. Finding out who can help you out with advice.

The new Florida.com is about sounding off.  Are you passionate about something? Do people who drive in the rain with flashing blinkers make you wonder  how they got their license? (Yes it is illegal.)

The new Florida.com is for you. No matter where you live.

As we reopen our site to new and old users, we welcome your feedback. We still have a lot of work to do as things are not perfect.

Thank you for visiting and come back often.

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