Who’s Following You on Twitter

How hard is it to get new followers on Twitter?

Twitter is a time consuming job unless you are a celebrity, have a huge budget, or a public company. So for all of us normal folks out there what is there to do?

Here is my list of of good, bad and ugly.

  • Buy followers from Fiverr – Ugly. Not what you want.
  • Follow and get  follow back.  Works but it is not a great way to do things. There are limits.
  • Post great content. Works for sure. Time consuming.
  • Advertise. Works. People will follow you because they are interested.

Here are a few of the sources we have used now and in the past to help us on other sites. You will see from Florida.com we are seriously lagging.  Follows.com  has a method to get followers however they don’t tell you how they do it. We tried them and they provide bad followers. Do not waste your time.  Twiends sells advertising and I have used in the past. It does work. They say  “20,000 displays usually results in around 1,000 to 2,000 people following and connecting with you.”  20k of displays will cost you $140. So  thats between  .07 and .14 per customer acquisition.

This is a good site  Manageflitter.com if you want to unfollow easily, and a lot of other good features. We use them.

It is worth it, if you have an action plan how to capitalize on these follows.  How many people do you follow on Twitter and do not spend a penny? So all these needs to be taken into account.

Any ideas or feedback are welcome!


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