Saura Johnston’s Women’s Mimosa Club Mixes Fun With Networking In Jacksonville

Women’s Mimosa Club participants having a great time!
Alcohol, brunch, and women; a great recipe for quality social exchange. A young socialite in Jacksonville, Florida looked to mix those ingredients and out came the Women’s Mimosa Club. With experience hosting mixers in the past for business owners, Saura Johnston felt it was a natural progression. The interest she received from the first event made it clear there’s plenty of demand.
The events don’t usually need much explaining other than where, when, and the price of a ticket. You can almost see that satisfying ‘click’ of understanding in someone’s mind when they hear the name. Nate Watson, a Jacksonville native and boyfriend of the club’s creator, loves telling people about Saura’s creation. ‘When I tell people about the Women’s Mimosa Club, the response I usually get is ‘You had me at ‘mimosa’’ or ‘that’s a real thing!?’’’ With a name so precise, the club sells itself.
A great showing at Saura’s Women’s Mimosa Club.
Many who shy away from stuffy networking events find themselves at home at Saura’s events. These events are for fun, memorable connections. Business cards are placed into gift bags before each event so that attendees can focus on conversation instead of trading cards. Interactive games are hosted that ensure a good mix of connections. There is a speaker who shares some insight in their expertise. Food is provided by the local restaurant where the event is being held. The restaurant also provides what is, perhaps, the most important ingredient, bottomless mimosas.
Saura describes the club as something she’s had in the back of her mind for years. It seemed to simply come out of her this year as she saw a need for it. She plans to continue hosting these events in addition to many others. The next Women’s Mimosa Club event will be hosted at its originating location; HobNob in Jacksonville, Florida. From 9-11am on December 10th the attendees will mingle, munch, and meet like-minded women from all over the region in HobNob’s new event space. 

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